Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a professionally staffed instructional facility.  The LRC provides supplemental instruction and academic support through individualized tutoring and other alternative modes of instruction to currently enrolled ARC students.

How can I use the computers in the LRC's open computer lab?

•You must be a currently enrolled ARC student to log onto a computer. You will need to complete a registration form once per term using your Student Access Card at the LRC main counter (first counter on left hand side upon entering the building). The Student Access Card is the official ARC and Los Rios student identification card and the only form of identification accepted to register to the LRC. No other form of identification will be accepted.


Is the open computer lab a quiet study zone? Why are there people talking and working together?

•Yes, the open computer lab is a quiet study zone but it is not a "No Talking" zone. The Tutorial Center services are next to the open computer lab and often there will be tutoring and student discussions taking place at a computer or surrounding areas. Please keep noise levels low when working with a tutor or other students.

Which counter do I check-in?

•As you enter the LRC building, you will see two reception counters on the left handside. The first counter to your immediate left is the LRC main counter and where you will register to use the open computer lab and where you can check-out course related DVDs, VHS, or headphones. The second counter is where you check-in for tutoring with the Tutorial Center or Beacon Program. Please be sure to read the signs at the counters or ask the staff at the counters to make sure you are checking into the correct area for either tutoring or computer use.

How can I get more information about tutoring?

•You can contact the Tutorial Center services at (916) 484-8808 or go to the Frequently Asked Questions for Tutoring.

Why do I need to have an Access Card to use the computers and for tutoring?

•The Student Access cards are the official college student identification cards at ARC and Los Rios. The card identifies that you are a currently enrolled ARC student and it is also necessary to print, make copies, and check-out DVDs, VHS, and headphones at the LRC. If you do not have a Student Access Card, you may get one at Information Services.